Lithium Battery Conversions


Why Lithium? 

Lithium golf cart batteries have a higher initial cost but often provide overall cost savings over time since they last 5-10 times longer than lead-acid batteries. After your conversion is complete your new lithium will batteries offer several advantages over lead-acid batteries: They are much lighter weight, offering a quick and smooth ride. They offer a no-maintenance solution. Lithium batteries charge much faster than lead-acid.

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Advantages of Lithium

Lithium batteries last longer over time and come with longer warranties.

No risk of acid spills!

Cheaper per hour of use than lead acid batteries.

They are eco-friendly!

Lithium batteries weigh less, reducing the weight on the golf cart. 

The heavier your golf cart is, the slower it’ll move across the course. Worse, if you’re playing on damp turf, the cart will sink in.

Lithium is less vulnerable to temperature changes.

By upgrading to a lithium battery, you’ll have to worry less about the weather. Lithium cells work well in all temperatures. And though you might see a slight decrease in power in extreme conditions, you’ll still make it through your round before having to plug in.

More power means more speed!

No more maintenance needed!

Lithium batteries are virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is inspect the connections and clean them as needed. This means less time tinkering and more time perfecting your swing.